Alexandra Rubenstein, John Paul #2, 2016, Oil on Canvas,14 x 11 inches

This week is all about openings: of an unexpected David Hammons retrospective, an exhibition of socially engaged artists, a show of male nudes by female artists, and, after much anticipation, the Met Breuer.

Everyone knows that women basically have to be naked to get into the Met Museum. The canon of art history rests on the nude, namely the female one. So it’s always refreshing to see a show, no matter how small, attempt to flip the gaze. At Outlet, Julian A. Jimarez Howard has curated the great-sounding (and looking) NSFW, which features paintings of male nudes by six female artists, plus a “choreographed artwork” by a seventh. Incidentally, Garis & Hahn’s Beyond the Gaze: Women Painting Women should make for a nice pairing.